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Welcome to, Canada’s online source for kitchen knives, pocket knives, utility knives and more. Find helpful information for buying a good quality field knife, sporting knife or cooks knives like a chef’s knife, butcher knife, santoku, nakiri, cleaver or even steak knives.

Types of Knives, Manufacturers and More

Learn about high end brand names like CHROMA, Wusthof, Henkels, GLOBAL, F.Dick, Dexter-Russell, Victorinox and Cutco.  Want to look up German knife makers, Japanese, Swiss, French or American Knife manufacturers?  No problem, we have in depth information on knife makers and product lines in all corners of the globe. 

Spend a few minutes to research all the top brand knife manufacturers around the world to see how their kitchen cutlery, utility knives, outdoor and hunting knives compare.  Choosing the right knife can be a tricky especially if you don’t know much about knife construction, knife terms and the reputable companies.  Whether you are looking for professional or food service cutlery, processing knives or utility and pocket knives, you can find it with a little diligence and homework.

Research all types of knives and learn about knife sharpening and knife sharpening tools.  Get to know the knife varieties and the differences among them, and read about knife maintenance and protection.  Learn how to properly handle and store your precious knives, their proper use and cleaning and safety for each. 

Kitchen Knives – Choose the right kitchen cutlery for the job.
Kitchen Knife Manufacturers – Top brands and high end knife making companies around the globe.
Knife Sharpening – Learn about the various types of knife sharpeners and ways to sharpen your knife.
Caring for Your Knife – Learn proper cleaning, maintenance and tips for protecting your knife blade.
Knife Manufacturing – What materials and processes are used when constructing a knife blade and handle.
Types of Knives and Knife Uses – Read about pocket knives, outdoor knives, sporting knives and knives that are used as tools.
High End Knife Manufacturers Around the World – Read about where to find good quality outdoor knives, sporting knives, pocket knives and knife tools,

Knife Brands: Wusthof | J.A. Henkels | Forschner | GLOBAL | Kershaw | Chroma | Cutco | DexterRussell | F.Dick